I was thinking about the word brave and this definition came to mind… Brave: counting the cost and doing what is right anyway I think of our military – brave men and women who have counted the cost.  The very fact that I can write these words uncensored is because […]


Check Yourself…

In 2009, I felt like the Lord laid it on my heart to start this blog to write where and how I see Him move.  Looking back at several of my older writings, I am just reminded of our journey together, the lessons He has been teaching me and His […]

Check yourself

Spot Cleaner… 1

I made a big mistake!  We had a couple of spots on our carpet that I wanted to get out.  I looked on Pinterest (because that’s where you look to find the recipe, solution or inspiration for anything) and found a great homemade concoction.  I was so excited.  I mixed the solution […]


The Desk…

Today is a first for me.  I walked through my front door this morning after dropping the kids off at school and just smiled.  Today is a first!  This is the first time in my adult life that I do not have a “job” I am rushing to.  I don’t have […]

The Desk

A Season for Everything… 4

Today is a weird day.  I am trying to process several thoughts that seem to be flooding my mind and my heart simultaneously.  Elena turns 8 today, Emory is all moved into her first apartment officially moving out of Flower Mound, and the news that Aunt Wanda has passed is […]

A Season for Everything

Who Do You Think You Are… 4

I was reading through Matthew 4 versus 1-11 and one question kept coming to mind.. who in the world does Satan think he is?  Satan is a he with a little ‘h’.. he will never be he with the big ‘h’.. never.  That is, unless you let him (little ‘h’). […]

who do you think you are

The Wedding Ring…

Yesterday as I was running, I was stopped suddenly by this thick gold band that was in front of me. Oh no! Someone lost their wedding band! I picked it up and realized it was actually some type of fitting, not a wedding band at all. I had already determined […]

Wedding Band

Look Ma! No Hands!

As I ran this morning the kids rode their bikes along the sidewalk.  They rode ahead of me but just enough to make sure they stayed in my line of sight. At one point I looked up and both boys had their arms raised high in the air as they coasted.  […]

Look Ma! No Hands!